Korg Monotron DUO – how to add CV control

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via DJjondent:

This video is a response to a request on how to add CV control to the hacked monotron duo in the video: youtu.be I’m soldering onto the PCB the following leads: 1. Orange: LFO input 2. Blue (SQ2): … square wave 3. White (SAW2) … ascending saw actually 4. Red : (PLS1)… pulse 5. Yellow: (SQR1)… square 6. Green :Gate input The CV input is just below this. (not in the video). Photos below: www.flickr.com The PCB connections 2-5 are oscillator outputs for the square/saw/pulse waves etc. Great fun to circuit bend with. Be very careful soldering onto your circuit board. Its very easy to overheat components and destroy your monotron. This is of course all experimental. Korg doesn’t recommend any modifications. Please subscribe and happy circuit bending. :-)

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