Spiral Flame Chord Machine Arpeggio

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via Ebotronix:

4 octave dim arpeggiato Flame Chord Machine 2x for Unkle’s & AO’s chords by Roland System 104 CM 1 arp out to CM 2 via Doepfer A156 (transpose cv in by Z8000 ) for 4 octave arpeggio 4ms Peg RCD Analogue Systems 2x RS 500e 4x RS 110 2x RS 360 Cyndustries 2x Thru Zero Oscillator Doepfer A156 & A 134 pan by Moog MP 201 Make Noise 2x Maths 2x Moddemix (Ringmodulat AO’s&Unkle’s) QMMG Wogglebug Malekko 4x AO 4x Unkle JAG foh choices Tiptop Audio Z 8000 Toppobrillo Sportmodulator and 2x TWF for ZO’s SSL Orgy Logic Master Clock Kenton Pro 2000 II Kick Logic Ultrabeat~Livecut FX Boss VF1 Lexicon PCM 80 Line 6 Echopro TC M3000

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