Yamaha MU90R – Lament Parts 1 & 2

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via MrRidgebackman:

A piece of music I composed and spent a lot of time sequencing in Cubase 3.5, so quite a few years ago. This is one of a few tracks that have managed to stay with me. The main Synth used was a Yamaha MU90r and features your standard MIDI sounds and the XG Sounds, which produced some awesome sounds in the day. Sadly no decent video editing package to hand yet. The MU90R is a standard Slim 2RU Rackmount unit and consists of not one but Two MIDI units in one box, giving you a total of 32 Midi Tracks. Audio inputs on the front and a host of effects and inserts. 2 x @ Outputs at the back and a To Host connector giving you a single unit (16 Tracks of MIDI only Mac and PC) This track was sequenced from the ground up, Bass, Rhythm, even manually added the arpeggio’s and recorded live onto a Minidisc using Coaxial connection out of the Computer to my Akai Sound System.

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  1. Polly

    November 26th, 2016 at 12:15 am


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