Reason 4 – ‘Primeaudial Part 2′ – atmospheric, Sequenced and Samples – Andy Barrow

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via MrRidgebackman:

Hi, this is part of a series of pieces I created in Reason 4 (by Propellerhead, an excellent Software based Synth package), a few years ago. It contains samples, sequences and a rather nice bass line, even if I do say so myself. I hope you enjoy this piece. Based on ‘early times’ before man and the ever changing world. Just an idea I had. I chose to work in Reason Software from using the early ReBirth package which was awesome – specifically some of the Demo Tracks it came with. I also chose to work in Software based synths based on cost – not everyone can afford those big synth sounds on a small budget. So Software it was, whilst being big in sound and small in size, the software options can never really replace that Keyboard stand with some classic big synths or even the more modern synths – Keyboard players/Artists and the like love to have a toy to play with. Just got to have that Synth – whichever one that might float your boat Thankfully or more to the point – truthfully – Lucky to have the option to do both, albeit, still wanting to have those big synths in my Studio, I can lay my hands on the Synths that I love. Regardless of what brand. I will add another video soon which really precedes this track. Regards to all and thanks for stopping by, If you like this and other videos on here, Please sub me, If not, thanks for stopping by anyway. Thanks, Andy

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