Moog and MC505 -Nasty Bassline – HD

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via MrRidgebackman:

Pure Self indulged Filter and Patch panel play. I connected the Voyager XL to the MC505 and just selected the first patch and ran with it. The Moog Voyager XL bounced if not Leaped and smacked me round the head, I just had to keep playing with the LFO, Patch panel and Oscillators, Filters and EG. No awards for composition here, I was just amazed at the sound beating my ear drums to a pulp. I actually found myself staring at the Moog in amazement, The more you play and edit this beast the better it gets!!!! Thanks to the MC505 for making this possible, the only thing the Moog really needs is an inbuilt sequencer or an arpeggiator at best, sadly the XL has neither…maybe a OS upgrade???? if possible???? Suggest a big pair of speakers or a decent pair of headphones.

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