MiniMoog Voyager XL and Korg Radias – Sneak Preview by Andy Barrow

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via MrRidgebackman:

Hi everyone, this video MiniMoog Voyager XL and Korg Radias is a sneak preview on a piece of music I am working on – I suggest a Pair of Headphones or Big Speakers, This is still being worked on. The Minimoog Voyager XL being put through its paces at some basic modular work, mainly itself being used with a little interaction from me. The patch panel is being used to modify and control the Oscillators, to produce an effect as if it is being sequenced. Only the the Two LFO outputs Square and Sawtooth are being used to drive the 2nd LFO and the Four input Mixer, which has 2 outputs. These are then being sent to the Pan via the LAG processor and the other output of the Mixer is being sent to the Filter Cutoff Playing with the controls on the Mixer produces different effects on the Cutoff and affects the pattern. This is just a sneak preview, using the XL and the Korg Radias for the Lead synth. Recorded into Logic Pro and using Compression, Reverb and Delay. Sends are being sent to additional Reverb and compression. Trying to contain the Moog Bass line was a tricky one, it wanted to climb out of the Headphones So until I can add Rhythm and additional Synth tracks, thought you might want to grab an ear load of Moog Bass. The Lead synth will be switched round with the Korg and Moog. Apologies for my comments at the end of this video, but saying Mooooog does sound sexy. I don’t apologize for being biased towards this synth.

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