Kawai K4 – Between Space and Time

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via MrRidgebackman:

To follow on from Voyage into the Unknown, this piece was performed purely on the Kawai K4 and recorded live (Multi Tracked) into Logic Pro. Using the built in effects of the K4 and then adding further effects and EQ in Logic. The main sound from the Kawai was programmed by myself using all four of the DCO’s and creating an ‘almost’ analogue sound. The Kawai is quite a powerful synth and features Velocity and Aftertouch. 8 part multitimbral and built in effects. One nice feature of the K4 is you can delay one or all of the DCO’s giving you an ‘echo effect’ in the case of this track, I used that feature to raise the delayed note by 1 octave. Changing the EG on both sets of DCF, DCA creating the sweeping synth – processed in Logic by adding stereo phaser. The rhythm was recorded live – so it has that ‘rustic’ or I should say ‘Rusty – Very Rusty’ feel to it. Again adding EQ and Echo Designer to that track in Logic helps smooth some of the appalling timekeeping on my part. This is a first draft of this piece. I am looking at adding additional Grunt to the bottom end with either the Slim Phatty and or the Voyager XL. Video footage is of my little studio before the Voyager XL Landed Hope you enjoy. Best Regards Andy

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