Akai SG01v Vintage Synth Module

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via MrRidgebackman:

Hi, this is my beloved AKAI SG01v – Vintage Synth Module bought back in 95. Finally got this little beauty out of mothballs and decided to have some fun. So before I release any of my stuff, I thought you might like to listen to one of the 5 Demo Songs inbuilt into this unit. It is as small as it looks and is probably just a little bigger than a decent sized pair of Headphones and won’t take up too much room on your Computer Desk. It has sounds ranging from Oberheim, Moog, PPG to mention a few, I even believe there are some Solina Strings on this unit. It is a 16 Part Multi Timbral device and can be great fun to play with. Editing the sounds can be tricky and limiting as to what you can edit. It features the Drum sounds from TR-808 and Simmons, which by todays standards are Old Fashioned but can still turn a bad song into something more bearable, even if only for a brief moment in time. So sit back and enjoy the work of someone else trapped inside a pint sized box making some noise.

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