Tenori-On iPad MIDI Output & Sync Demo

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This video tutorial shows off some of the MIDI output functionality of Yamaha’s Tenori-On (TNR-i) iOS App. You can use the Tenori-On App to sequence external hardware and software, like synthesizers or DAWs. I’m showing a MFB Nanozwerg, a MFB 522 Drum Machine and a MicroKorg in this video, as well as Ableton Live. Each Tenori-On layer corresponds to a MIDI channel, so you could output up to 16 different sequences at the same time. Apart form regular step-sequencer score layers, there are also random layers, bounce layers and more, to mix your sequences up a bit. I’m using the Apple Camera Connection Kit and a USB-to-MIDI Cable to connect the iPad to Ableton Live. Other DAWs and CoreMIDI compatible interfaces like the Alesis I/O Dock, Line6 MIDI-Mobilizer II or the iRig MIDI should work as well. The iPad 1 in this video runs iOS 5.0.1. The Tenori-On Universal iOS App is available here: appshopper.com —— The video was filmed with a Canon EOS T2i (550D). Check out my iPad music on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com

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