Slow Synth Jam (MicroKORG, A-Station, fraAngelico, MeeBlip, Kaosspad, etc.)

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via flx04:

A slow synthesizer jam with the following gear: MicroKORG, Korg Kaosspad Quad & Kaosspad Mini effects, MFB 522 analog drum machine, Electribe ER-1, Roland U-110, Novation A-Station, Standuino fraAngelico, MeeBlip, Akai APC20 and Ableton Live (for MIDI sequencing). I programmed most of the patterns beforehand and triggered them live via the APC20. The small Akai LPK25 USB-MIDI keyboard plays the Novation A-Station when it’s not sequenced. The fast, pitch-increasing “beep beep beep” sound comes from the Korg Electribe ER-1 drum machine. The blippy, videogame-like sound is the fraAngelico. The piano is the Roland U-110. The Kaosspad Mini adds some distortion to the MFB 522 drums and the Kaosspad Quad adds some reverb and hi-frequency resonance to the final mix. The rack box contains the A-Station and the U-110 rack synths, as well as a 1U slide-out tray that has some small gear on it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me a message or comment below this video. — Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero.

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