Demo Alesis Fusion 8hd : 2 Fender Stratocaster to play Apache – The Shadows (60’s) by tlnet37

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via tlnet37:

I have found a midi file that I used here as background (drums, rythmic acoustic guitar and the bass). The rest is played in Live ; there are 2 presets in Guitar bank that you can use to play that famous Fender Stratocaster thru Vox Amp and reverb/chorus/delay effects ; here I tried to reproduce the atmosphere of the sixties, when Hank Marvin played with The Shadows, that famous part. I choose 2 presets : Strato (preset 6 number C6) with insert (blues amp off axis that I modified the volume envelope) and a Velo Muted Strat (preset 6 number C7). And I play with the pitch bender to simulate the vibrato hand applicated by real guitarist !

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