The Analog Lab NYC-MaxiKorg Ext Audio In/CV Filter Mod

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via TheAnalogLab:

Consider if you will: A MaxiKorg modded by The Analog Lab in NYC. -External Audio Input -CV Filter input for both hi and lo pass -inputs for upper and lower voices These input jacks route control voltages to the filter’s cut-off setting. The Hi and Low-Pass filters each have their own individual control inputs. The filters are optimized for 0 to +10 Volt control signals, making it compatible with most analog synthesizers available. The voltage is combined with the front panel controls, adjusting the traveller sliders for the correct swing on the external CV inputs. Because the Maxi-Korg does not have a way to turn off individual oscillators, the two toggle switches on top function to disconnect the Ring Mod oscillator from the signal path. Here, we have run a TR-707 into the MaxiKorg for a quick and dirty little demo. Enjoy!

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