2010: Its gonna be the future soon – Part 1

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Recorded live at Wham Bam Thank You NAMM 2010. A conversation on live electronic performance technique, and how to make music tech better Moderated by Create Digital Musics PETER KIRN, this conversation with some of the artists at the edge of sound and live electronic music provides a glimpse into the ways people are working in 2010, and an open discussion about what we can do this year to extend our technique and make technology work better. JUSTIN BORETA and edit (Glitch Mob, etc.) RICHARD …

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  1. Ildiko

    May 25th, 2012 at 10:04 pm


    First: I gave this 4 stars because that’s pertty much what I think of everything French Saunders . And I had to pick someting. Overall, F S appeals to its audience, but not every fan of the show likes every bit, so 4 stars.Now, the DVD info. I did some checking and it appears this a Region 1 release of a live show done in 2000. It isn’t released by BBC America because the original productions wasn’t done by the BBC. Here’s a quote I found: Jef films released the video of the first F S live show in the US and so it’s not surprising they are releasing this one. Live in 2000 was nothing to do with the BBC, it was produced by Phil McIntyre Productions and their videos/DVDs will not be distributed by the same companies as BBC shows. I have no knowledge about the Live 2000 show, that’s why I can’t possibly add a comment about what this DVD holds. And this information is very second hand, but does seem to hold water. As a F S enthusiast not a huge fan I might grab this just to write a proper review.

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